Oakville – February 2018 Sales Performance

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We’re two months in to 2018 and the spring market is beginning to stir after a very crazy 2017!


With no further government intervention (we hope!) we’re looking forward to 2018 returning as a normal growth year with a predictable sales cycle.

The average pricing of detached homes is down a bit, and we’ve not seen the sales quantity of past years. We don’t expect this to continue as other areas aren’t showing quite the same slowing of purchases. While it’s likely to be a bit slow to respond, the market will turn around as the year progresses.  Great time to buy in Oakville, as these price levels will pick up again in the coming months.

For non-detached homes, we saw pricing actually fall below the average for 2016, late in the 2017 year, which did push the number of sales transactions a bit higher, but only outperforming the past three years, in the last few weeks.   This has continued in to 2018, but sales numbers aren’t as weak as detached homes, so look for this pricing to pick up a bit quicker.


So, when do you sell, or buy?   Let’s talk, performance varies by area, so I can help you to time it right.

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