What’s Happening at Burloak Park?

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Do you drive along Lakeshore and enjoy the beautiful open space near Burloak?  Or better still, walk, and enjoy the waterfront?   Well great news, Halton Region, the City of Burlington, and Town of Oakville are all working to make this beautiful area, even nicer!

It’s been a long time coming as private residences over the years have slowly been removed from this area, opening it up in to a long contiguous strip of gorgeous waterfront.

Development includes new structures, paths, gardens, to further enhance our ability to enjoy this gorgeous natural resource.  Really want to be plugged in to what’s happening?  You could attend the information session and watch Halton’s web site for updates, or if you like, just keep an eye on me, as I’ll be doing updates as well.  Since I’m a local resident and LOVE this area, I will be watching and attending to keep up to date.    The first step is removing Invasive Species to allow the shoreline to return to what is natural for the area.  So you’ve probably seen the fencing up, to control access while they start work on this.  I’m looking forward to the update to get more info.



I’m looking forward to seeing this come together, it’s going to make an already great area, even nicer!  If you make it to the informal project update, say hi!  I’m always interested in meeting my neighbours!

Want to see more?  Check out the Halton Region Website

Interested in how this will impact land values?  Contact me, I’d be happy to have a chat with you about the expected results.