HOME CHECK – Niagara March 2018

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How was March for Niagara Home Sales?

In Detached Homes, sales activity is still strong and still within typical for the past three years, with 448 units sold.  For the first time this year, detached homes dipped below 2017 prices in March, but this is a reflection of 2017 gains, as we’re still at February 2018 price levels.

How about Niagara for Non-detached Homes?

Unlike Detached Homes, we’ve seen a Rise in pricing for March from February of this year. We’re also still higher than 2017 prices, so on average, Niagara is doing well!  Unit sales are strong for 2018 and typical of previous years, showing a strong spring market, with good pricing!


Niagara is off to a strong start, but some areas are doing better than others…   For detail on what interests you, please contact us!